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Welcome to my blog. I’m a retired professional model turned healer enjoying the perks of life. Jersey raised me. Brooklyn made me. I document my adventures in travel, style, food, career building, and random musings about life. Enjoy!

Photo by Wil Lei

an update.

an update.

Once upon a time, I was active in the automotive industry. That’s how I began my modeling career. Initially, I used to be what they called an “import model.” Because I lived in New York City, a few modeling agencies picked me up to book commercial print shoots and promotional/marketing jobs.

Behind the scenes, not many people knew I was in school to become a nurse and, eventually, also worked full-time as a registered nurse. After graduating from my bachelor program, time was abundant – and so were my student loans. I continued to model even after my loans were paid off (yes, I did it), but after a few years, I guess you can say it seemed as if I suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth. Here’s an update of what I’ve been up to since:

I accepted a new job position.

I left the medical-surgical unit I worked in at the time and moved onto critical care nursing. Essentially, it’s a new job within the hospital. I had to undergo a new interview process, and once offered the position, I went through long, extensive training. Even after a year of working, I was constantly studying for either certification exams or online classes to be eligible to apply for a master’s degree program. Before I even started modeling, I knew my end-goal was to become an advanced practice nurse. I won’t bore you with more of the details now. I’ll go into that at a later time.

I began my graduate studies.

I recently started a full-time master’s degree program which required me to quit my job for two reasons:

1. I left Brooklyn to move to Albany.

2. I’m constantly studying. I have no time!

I moved out of New York City and bought a house.

Shortly after getting accepted to my program, I bought a house in the Albany area to be close to the school. Because this is a temporary move, I decided to buy a fixer-upper and had the house flipped to rent out or resell after I graduate. As you can imagine, this was no easy feat!

I still have my Miata and Kawasaki Ninja.

As some of my followers may know, I own a Mazda Miata and a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. They were byproducts of my import model days. I’m still asked about them all the time. These are my beloved toys, so yes, I do still have them. Right before school started, a bought a practical SUV to help me with my move from Brooklyn to Albany. And let’s face it – a two-seat convertible rear-wheel drive doesn’t fare well in Upstate winters, especially if I’ll be commuting to clinicals and away rotations (also known as residencies).

There should be no surprise when I say that I simply didn’t find another opportunity to revisit modeling during all that. Quite frankly, I was losing interest. But I didn’t need to go back to modeling. Financially, nursing was more than adequate to support me. My priority is school. Fortunately, now that my house is finished and I’m further into my studies, I’ve adjusted to my schedule and can make more downtime for myself; hence this blog. I’m glad to have updated you all! Feel free to shoot me an email and ask me some questions that I can answer in future posts!

Photo by Shaleem Love